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"Eveything began in 1987"

While it may seem a name out of a story book or a place of pilgrimage, Dario DiNatale is the name of an Italian investor who has done business in Romania since 1987 and today the company from Somcuta Mare is led by his successors, ms. DiNatale Roberta and Lupse Sorina, with a turnover in 2000 of 12 billion Lei and a gross income of 1.9 billion Lei.

"It all started in 1987 when I was importing reinforced concrete from Braila, Romania. That's when I met Romania and I began to learn the language. In 1993 I came in Maramures, to Somcuta Mare and found the exact spot I needed. I established a woodworking company (lumber and logs) because we had orders from Italy and even Germany."

On an area of ​​3.5 ha of land, and not less than 14,000 m of production workshops, operate approximately 90 employees from Somcuta Mare and surrounding regions: Buciumi, Bercheze, Văleni. This is Bamgarden SRL.
The technological process is conducted as follows: from processing the rough wood, drying, cutting, pressing, finishing and then packing to loading the cars that are heading to foreign countries. Technological investments consisted of: three driers with a capacity of about 1000 cubic meters/month, a multiple circular machine of 50 cubic meters/8 hours, four four-face sanders that thins the wood, calibration machines for finishing with fine-tuning, an automatic press , small machines (cutters) for packaging and, finally, the company's "pride", a last generation sawdust briquetting machine, which is rare and it cost over 3 billion Lei.

"The future promises to be favorable as orders flow continuously. We consider doubling production rate by purchasing a technological line of higher reliability quality."

By how seriously Mrs. DiNatale Roberta and his associate, Mrs. Sorina Lupse take care of everything in the company, the way things work, they instill hope for an even better future that is coming.

after an article of Doina Macovei